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Easysoll 2m Square Wall Mounted Umbrella


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The Easysol Wallmounted Umbrella

2m Square

The sun moves-and so should your patio umbrella.
Easysoll 2m square wallmounted umbrella

This is something most conventional parasols cannot do. Big umbrellas can be quite bulky, hard to move, and hard to set up.

Luckily, there is the DIY Easysol outdoor aluminium umbrella - this will solve all these problems for you so you can just enjoy being outdoors.

There is no need for a heavy base and a central pole for your garden and patio umbrella . Easysol® umbrella has a modern design , is very sleek, convenient, and very easy to handle.

Made out of aluminium and stainless steel, making it a robust umbrella.

The Economical aluminium wallmounted umbrella from Easysol has aluminium hinged arms to set the shade at your hand.

The Tiltable 2m square Umbrella Canopy comes in a stunning Stonegrey colour.

This Easy to install DIY Umbrella elliviates the heavy concrete base and pole.

The Tiltable Canopy blocks the sun from different angles! Set the shade at your hand!